Specialized Paintings, Timber Coatings, Thermal and Acoustic

Epoxy coatings and Epoxy paintings for interior design works or aesthetic purposes, can be applied by our team using the required spray machines. Both indoor and outdoor applications can be achieved by using the required decorative coatings or paints.

Special Coatings Fire rated

With increasing demand for unique designs, we can work with your team to achieve the required aesthetic or decorative coatings or paints. This will provide your designer to incorporate creative or new concepts into their design intent.

We also provide fire protection coating for Timber structure protection, it is a clear coating upon completion and allows the aesthetic timber grains to be seen. The fire protection coating for timber structure protection can be applied onto CLT cross laminated timber, MET mess engineered timber or Glulam glue laminated timber.

Special Fire rated coatings

We also provide fireproofing protection with vermiculite spray, intumescent paint and passive firestop systems for all types of requirements.

Project references will be provided upon request. Please contact us for discussions.

Fireproofing Vermiculite Intumescent Firestop Contractor

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