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Fireproofing Cementitious Vermiculite

Fireproofing Cementitious Vermiculite

Monokote Passive Fire protection for Structural Steel and tested to BS476 and UL1709 for fireproofing to Commercial, Residential and Petrochemical hydrocarbon projects.

Fireproofing Intumescent

Fireproofing Intumescent Paint

Intumescent Paint for decorative fire protection solutions to Structural Steel. Independently tested and approved to BS476: Part 21 for fire protection.

Firestop systems

Firestop Systems for joints and voids

Firestopping Products is specifically designed to fill voids in construction joints and around penetrations in fire-rated walls or floors. Many have intumescent properties and expand when exposed to heat, forming a high-strength insulating char.

Non Chemical Anti termites mesh, Physical barrier, termites control mesh

Non Chemical Anti Termites Mesh

Termites control mesh system is a Physical termites barrier. It is pesticide free and uses no toxic, harmful or dangerous chemicals, which protects the eco-environment, water catchment locations and overall building construction sustainability.

About Us

Brandschutz Fire Technology Pte. Ltd. provides Passive Fire protection, Acoustic Thermal system and Chemical Free Physical Termites barrier. We strive to provide specialized Green products for Building and construction projects.

We have completed major project in Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Petrol Chemical and offshore and as well as Pharmaceutical industries. Our past project references has displayed our strong commitment towards quality and ability to manage all different scale projects on time. Works include fireproofing cementitious vermiculite, intumescent and firestop system installations. We also provide fire protection coating for Timber structure protection. It allows the aesthetic timber grains to be seen and the fire protection coating for timber structure protection can be applied onto CLT cross laminated timber, MET mess engineered timber or Glulam glue laminated timber. Non chemical anti termites systems using stainless steel mesh is installed in various types of construction projects, from educational to residential and commercial buildings.

Our team combined have more than 20 years of experience in the Building and construction industry. We aim to be one stop service provider for your Building and Construction solutions.

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