Fireproofing Maintenance and Repair

Typically cementitious vermiculite spray applied fireproofing is damaged by physical force, therefore we will provide the maintenance and repair service for building owners especially during reinstatement or addition and alteration works.

Other common damages to the cementitious vermiculite fireproofing can be caused by by M&E services installation, movement of the structure slab such as vibration. Internal building water seepage that submerges internal grade fireproofing material can cause damage. For prolonged water seepage to external grade fireproofing material submerged, will also cause damage.

Examples of Fireproofing damaged are,


Any damages to the cementitious vermiculite spray applied fireproofing should be rectified as soon as possible to minimise the fire integrity of structure steel. We will conduct site survey for the extent of damaged locations and works required for the maintenance upkeep or repair of the cementitious vermiculite fireproofing.

For building owners, condominium or maintenance teams, please feel free to contact us for any project discussions.

Project references will be provided upon request. Please contact us for discussions.

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