Cementitious Vermiculite Fireproofing General Uses

Cementitious vermiculite spray applied fireproofing is a type of passive fire protection for structural steel. Applied on structural steel, it insulate the steel structure from effects of high temperatures that may be generated in cellulosic fire or UL 1709 hydrocarbon fire requirements.

The cementitious vermiculite fireproofing is inert and does not react during high temperatures from cellulosic fire or hydrocarbon fire. It will still provide thermal insulating function to protect the steel structure from fire. The cementitious vermiculite fireproofing typically insulates the steel structure for the required fire rating up to 240 minutes or 4 hours.

Using cementitious vermiculite fireproofing as a passive fire protection, it extends the time for structural steel to retain its integrity and stability during the rising temperatures of cellulosic fire or hydrocarbon fire. Without the cementitious vermiculite fireproofing protection, the bare steel will quickly attain high temperature and lose its structural load bearing functions. Therefore the light weight properties provide fireproofing function and does not add to the loading on structural steel.

Cementitious vermiculite fireproofing is generally rough textured finish and in natural cement colour. The cementitious vermiculite fireproofing is a lightweight coating when compared to reinforced concrete. Therefore the light weight properties is an advantage of using cementitious vermiculite fireproofing in building high rise structures.

As cementitious vermiculite fireproofing is generally lower costs than intumescent paint, it is often favoured for costing considerations. However due to aesthetic requirements, it is common for both intumescent paint and cementitious vermiculite fireproofing to be provided together in the same project.

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