Fireproofing – Intumescent Paint

Intumescent Paint for decorative fire protection solutions to Structural Steel. Independently tested and approved to BS476: Part 21 for up to 2 hours fire protection. The water based product has low VOC and environmental friendly for use in all construction requirements.

Intumescent Paint

With increasing demand for steel frame buildings across the globe combined with ever changing and revolutionary building designs, the need for a versatile range of coatings that can provide both long term protection against corrosion and fire has never been more relevant.
Intumescent paint as a fireproofing coating keeps the structural steel below critical steel temperature during a fire. A steel section that reaches its critical steel temperature will begin to deform and affect the structural integrity of a building. Intumescent protection keeps the structural steel in a building safe, for a period up to 2 hours in the event of a fire. When exposed to extreme heat, the intumescent will foam and char up to protect the steel.
Intumescent paint finishing can be used as an aesthetic feature of the design whilst providing a competitive solution to meet with stringent fire protection requirements.
 Independently tested and approved to BS476: Part 21
 Water based intumescent paint coating for protection of structural steel hollow and I-sections
 Provide fire protection for 60, 90 and 120 minutes FRR
 Possess full Multiple Temperature Analysis loadings facilitating flexible structural design and application
 Environmentally friendly with low VOC

Intumescent Paint 1 Intumescent Paint 2

Independently tested at UKAS accredited laboratories, and assessed and certified by internationally recognized fire protection and engineering consultants such as Exova Warrington Fire, International Fire Consultants (IFC) and Building Research Establishment (BRE).

The manufacturing plants and facilities are also routinely inspected by these independent organizations on a regular basis as part of the Third Party Accreditation and Certification of intumescent products.

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