Cementitious Vermiculite Finishing and Colours

The cementitious vermiculite spray applied fireproofing is a light weight texture spray. The lighter weight coating is better, as it has less loading onto the building structures.

It is normally in concrete cement grey colour. For aesthetic purpose, colour finishing can be sprayed to the client requirement. As an approved and experienced fireproofing applicator, we will ensure the colouring finish does not affect the fire protection properties of the sprayed cementitious vermiculite for fireproofing protection to structural steel.

Common colours such as white or black are used to blend in with the background, surroundings or ceiling. With the colours and from a distance, it will allow the texture finish to better blend into the surrounding environment.

Comparison of white colour finishing vs cement grey colour finishing

Vermiculite finishing in colour

Vermiculite finishing without colour

As part of the fireproofing application, we provide a complete solution for optional color finish when required by the client requirements.

Project references will be provided upon request. Please contact us for discussions.

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