Firestop Systems for Wall Void Compartmentations

Firestop applications are passive fire protection to seal the gaps, openings and between joints in a required fire resistance wall or floor assembly. For high volumn walls or high wall locations, the firestop compartmentation will require wall firestop system at the void locations.

Firestop Wall Voids

Firestops are designed to maintain the integrity of the wall assembly fireproofing to delay and prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Firestop as a passive fire protection system keeps fire from spreading between rooms as a form of compartmentation.

Firestop systems generally comply with BS 476 Part 20 should be non-load bearing, as this will further prevent physical damage to the installed system. In addition, for completed systems, it is typically concealed or within locked access to protect the mechanical and electrical services and firestop systems from unauthorized access.

During the building lifecycle for service maintenance, cables will be upgraded or changed from time to time. Hence firestop maintenance should be regularly performed by a trained firestop installer. This will ensure the firestop protection is not compromised during the building maintenance works.

In addition to firestop systems, we also provide passive fire protection such as cementitious vermiculite spray applied system and intumescent paint coating as a fireproofing systems.

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